E4E Relief had the distinct privilege to serve as the charitable partner and administrator of the Brave of Heart Fund, alongside founders New York Life and Cigna. The astounding generosity and vision of these founding donors, and the thousands of corporate and individual donors who joined them, will be remembered by the grantee families whose lives have been forever changed by the pandemic and the loss of their loved ones. They also profoundly impacted our collective team members, who worked tirelessly to bring this philanthropic effort to life.

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At the heart of New York Life is a commitment to be there for our customers when they need us ­– whether today or decades into the future. We have delivered on that promise for over 175 years by investing wisely, growing a portfolio of strategic businesses, and remaining true to our mission as a mutual company, accountable only to our customers, not to outside investors. For our customers, that means having the confidence that comes with knowing they can build a better future for themselves and those they love.

At a time when our lives were turned upside down, working to create the Brave of Heart Fund provided us with a true sense of purpose. Knowing that we would be able to do what New York Life does best – provide financial security for people in their greatest time of need – gave us the motivation to allocate the funding, set up the verification team internally, engage our workforce and promote the Fund as widely as possible. That we were able to help more than 900 families is a testament to the humanity and efforts of our people and partners.

Heather Nesle

President, New York Life Foundation

In times of tragedy and disaster, most people that are not directly impacted feel helpless. COVID-19 was no different.  I was thankful that my company helped to create the Brave of Heart Fund because it not only made me proud of where I work, but it provided a way for me to help in a small way.  I hope the funds demonstrate that we are grateful for the bravery of healthcare workers that died and help to alleviate some of the financial stress their families have endured.

Lacey Siegel

Corporate Vice President, External Communications, New York Life

Our mission was to provide financial support to the individuals who lost a family member to COVID by risking their lives while helping others. We accomplished that goal but more importantly, in doing so we also honored the many healthcare workers who lost their lives to COVID by shining a light on their bravery. The fund’s success was thanks to the dedication and collaboration of the many individuals across the country in Service, our Foundation, and our partners at E4E and Cigna. I’m so proud to have been part of this effort.

Ciro Frulio

Corporate Vice President, Claims & Benefits, New York Life

Supporting the Brave of Heart was one of the most rewarding and proudest moments in my career at New York Life.  Our team demonstrated the New York Life values in a unique and personal way, allowing us to support families of healthcare workers during one of the most difficult periods in their lives.  Healthcare workers put taking care of patients ahead of the concerns for their personal health.  It was very humbling experience to be able to provide some financial assistance to the families they left behind.

Stephanie Frawley

Vice President – Claims, New York Life

This is such a sad time for so many, but it is nice to have been able to give them a little silver lining to help them get through such a touch time in their lives. These are the things that make me proud of what we do and what NYL stands for. So blessed to be part of this team and a part of giving back to those in need!

Andria Ortiz

Office Coordinator, Inland Empire General Office, New York Life

BOHF has supported so many families during a challenging time, both financially and emotionally. My proudest moment as a BOHF project member was to read grantee comments and stories, the greatest testimony to how BOHF has positively impacted so many lives. It has been an honor to be able to support this program and to be a part of the noble cause.

Kalpna Gaule

Strategic Capabilities, New York Life

At Cigna, we’re more than a health insurance company. We are your partner in total health and wellness. And we’re here for you 24/7 – caring for your body and mind. As a global health service company, Cigna’s mission is to improve the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those we serve by making health care simple, affordable, and predictable.

As we’ve seen in the past, trying times bring out the best in us, as individuals and communities. Our nation’s health care workers and volunteers embody this every day, as they answer the call of duty with bravery and selflessness. We are proud partners with New York Life and E4E in supporting the families of these American heroes who give so much while treating others. Through the Brave of Heart Fund, we seek to bring greater peace of mind to these families, by helping to relieve the emotional and financial burdens they will face in the aftermath of this health crisis.

David M. Cordani

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cigna

Every doctor, nurse, pharmacist, and health care worker on the front line of this pandemic made and continues to make incredible sacrifices. Day in and day out, they care for their communities and put the health of others ahead of their own. For some, that meant sacrificing their own life in order to heal others. Unfortunately, the pandemic took so much from so many, and for those health care heroes who lost their own lives to COVID-19, we grieve with their families. We hope that through the financial support and emotional resources of The Brave of Heart Fund, those families who experienced loss have some peace of mind.

Susan Stith

Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Corporate and Employee Giving, Cigna and President, Cigna Foundation

E4E Relief provides charitable grants to help compassionate companies support employees in need. Global climate change and economic conditions worldwide have catastrophic disasters and financial hardships on the rise. Many companies are considering how they will respond when a disaster impacts the well-being of their employees, communities, and business. With nearly two decades of experience serving a broad range of clients, we deliver expert counsel and an objective, streamlined process for providing grant awards to employees during times of unanticipated hardship and disaster. We believe Employee Relief Funds are good for business because they assist employees in crisis, who return to work healthier and more productive.

Being a part of E4E Relief has given me the opportunity to really make an impact to those in need through the Brave of Heart Fund. At a time when the nation was going through so much uncertainty, our team was able to stand up in partnership with NYL and Cigna to provide some breathing room and financial relief to the families of healthcare workers that risked their lives for us day in and day out during the pandemic. I have seen first-hand how we can all come together regardless of our backgrounds to love and support one another.

Ebonie Hope

Vice President – Program Delivery, E4E Relief

When we were establishing the Brave of Heart Fund with NYLife and Cigna, all of the people involved were quarantined at home, feeling helpless to aid in any way in the fight against this pandemic. It was in the early days, and no one knew the lasting impact that Covid would have on our lives, and on those of frontline healthcare workers. Although we were stuck at home, we had a strong desire to help those doing the real battle and risking their lives to help others. Brave of Heart allowed us to play a small part in helping healthcare workers and their families, at a critical time so early in the pandemic.

Evan Wolkofsky

Deputy General Counsel and Vice President, Foundation for The Carolinas

I hold the voices and stories of the grantee families of these lost frontline healthcare workers as sacred. It felt like everything else in the world froze as I was taking in the grief, love and pride of these families who will remember the pandemic differently than any others in the world. In every conversation, it was evident that while they were grieving all we wish we could have known that may have protected their loved ones, they believe these people were doing what they loved. Their commitment to their work was as life giving as it was costly in the end. It was a great privilege to offer any relief to the families.

Ashley Oster

Vice President, Marketing & Partnerships, E4E Relief

It wasn’t a singular moment, but over the last 2 years, the pandemic has hit every industry, every company, every community, and every family. Like so many other devastating events throughout history, something inherently good can come from something bad. The Brave of Heart Fund is one of those good things. It is an honor to be a part of the team who rallied to ensure these families, who lost their loved ones in service to others, had hope in the darkest of times.

Davida Rivens

VP & Director, Product Management & Sales, E4E Relief

Once I started working on the Brave of Heart Fund, the magnitude of the pandemic became real for me. Those lives that were lost became friends, and their families became my family.  I grieved for their lost lives and the ones they left behind. And I will never forget them. The Brave of Heart Fund truly helped keep the spirit of the healthcare workers alive and reminded me, in such a scary time, of the good in humanity.

Margaret Linn

Special Projects Coordinator, E4E Relief

Amid the over 900 families that the Brave of Heart Fund was able to assist, is one that is particularly special to me – the family of my high school friend, Miriam Ullman. We spent time at each other’s homes, and shared many laughs, tears, and fond memories. Mimi, as we affectionately called her, was fully vaccinated. But, due to other health conditions, she couldn’t fight off the virus and ultimately succumbed to COVID-19. After talking with her sister, I learned that Mimi had been a receptionist at a health care facility in New Jersey. The sadness of losing Mimi was made just a small bit brighter, knowing that the Brave of Heart Fund would be able to assist her family. Whenever I think of her, I will always be reminded of the hundreds of families we were able to help.

Trudy Lindsey-Dinkins

Program Delivery Manager, E4E Relief

I feel incredibly proud of the work E4E Relief was able to do through the Brave of Heart Fund. I am especially proud of the Voices of the Brave of Heart series that was produced to raise awareness. It is an honor to have had the opportunity to help tell the stories of the healthcare workers and their families who selflessly paid the ultimate price to save the lives of others. I’m glad to be part of an organization that stepped in to help shoulder some of the burdens for those families whose worst fears came true.

Abigayle Morrison

Marketing Specialist, E4E Relief

It’s been so impactful for me to work directly with affected families, and then help facilitate the ‘passing of the baton’ to other organizations to continue the good work. Several of our organizational grantees are hopeful that programming and resources to support families and healthcare workers will continue to be offered for years to come. While the Covid pandemic has been such an unthinkable tragedy, Brave of Heart has truly been a light in the dark.

Ellen Minaudo

Grants Specialist, E4E Relief`

The Brave of Heart Fund has been a bridge and a lifeline to families during a very tumultuous time in their lives.

Rick Stevens

President, Christian Hospital & Northwest HealthCare; Brave of Heart Fund Advisory Committee

Being a part of the Brave of Heart project felt like the opportunity of a lifetime. I feel truly honored and humbled to have helped make an impact in the lives of those who were so deserving.

Jessie Campbell

Senior Grants Specialist, E4E Relief


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Jody Jotham
Joel Sauber
Joel Schwartz
Joel Steinberg
John Erwin
John Bencie
John Beumler
John Braun
John C. Fee
John Camp
John Caulfield
John Cobb
John Dechert
John DiNicola
John Fillis
John Gillespie
John H. Huntington
John Hanan
John Hartz
John Hughes
John Kim
John Lally
John Luchansky
John Lyles
John Meyer
John Moynihan
John O’Brien
John O’Neil
John Oneil
John Rodriguez
John Savukinas
John Ten Broeck
John Van Duzer
John Welliver
John Young
Johnette Brock
Johnna Britt
Johnny Henry
Jolene Sunseri
Jonah Disend
Jonathan Addy
Jonathan Alper
Jonathan Azoulay
Jonathan Guthart
Jonathan Leung
Jonathan Prokup
Jonathan Stern
Jonathan Swaney
Jonathan Tobkes
Jonathan Weaver
Jonathan Wooley
Jonelle Grant-Anamelechi
Joon Hwan Byun
Jordan Cramer
Jordan Ohringer
Jorge Harris
Jose Ortiz
Joseph Post
Joseph A. Mack
Joseph Camacho
Joseph Cieslukowski
Joseph Dotson
Joseph Fulkerson
Joseph Marchese
Joseph Pepin
Joseph Son
Josephine Charnock
Joulia Shuk
Joyce O’Connell
Joyce Owens
Juanita Wickersham
Judith Donnelly
Judith Pucci
Judy Hirner
Judy Murrow
Julia Anderson
Julia Bohan
Julia Everett
Julia Kerns
Julia Neikirk
Julia Scholar
Julie Caldwell
Julie Domenick
Julie Fox
Julie Gomez Ramirez
Julie Gordon
Julie Hartings
Julie Hasslinger
Julie Heidrich
Julie Herwig
Julie Lipps
Julie Santoro
Julie Stegman
Julie Vitale
Julie Westlund
Julie Wilson
Julio Perera Rodriguez
Jun Young Chung
June Glynn
Justin Dixon
Justin Stone
Justin Storms
Kade Graves
Kaitlin Reilly
Kaitlyn Salvatore
Kaman Corporation
Kangmei Ren
KanmaniGowri Jeyaram
Kara Murray
Karen Bachman
Karen Bayless
Karen Czarny
Karen Gabriel
Karen H. Naftulin
Karen Hall
Karen Knoble
Karen Lewis
Karen McNamara
Karen Mitchell
Karen Ritchie
Karen Schneider
Karen Schob
Karen Wright
Kari Tamburin
Karl Violette
Karlene-Ann Hill
Karrie Robinson
Kasey Robbins
Kate Hendel
Katherine Geurin
Katherine Murray
Katherine Palen
Kathi Dugan
Kathleen Carter
Kathleen Climo
Kathleen Duff
Kathleen Kovalik
Kathleen O’Connor
Kathleen OHara
Kathleen Prigge
Kathleen Redmond
Kathleen Scollan
Kathleen Unger
Kathleen Young
Kathryn Elliott
Kathryn R Brehm
Katie Tarasievich
Kay Hempen
Kayla Futch
Kayreen Handley
Keara Bynum
Keith DePass
Keith Dugan
Keith Gilbert
Keith Janca
Keith MacDonald
Keith Papania
Keith Swan
Kelee Gonzalez
Kelli Faust
Kelly Bottger
Kelly Foley
Kelly Gallardo
Kelly Larkin
Kelly Soucie
Kelly Sze
Kelly Towey
Kelly Urban
Kelvyn Koning
Kendall Duffy
Kenneth Berger
Kenneth Film
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Kevin Collins
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Kevin Johansen
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Kevin Trent
Khalfani Walker
Kim Bilodeau
Kim Byrd
Kim Mahoney
Kim Vorilhon
Kim Wagner
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Kimber Bascom
Kimberly Ries
Kimberly Lapeyrolerie
Kimberly McCarthy
Kimberly Saving-Sherman
Kingsley Achikeh
Kirk Lehneis
Kishan Patel
Kris Baker
Kris Wilks
Krishnan Ganesan
Kristen Craig
Kristen Gulbran
Kristen Hoff
Kristen Lauria
Kristen Shadley
Kristi Herman
Kristi Nelson
Kristin Reisig
Kristina DeSantis
Kristine Smith
Kulin Dakwala
Kweku Jangha
Kyle Robertson
Kyle Ruwe
Kyle Schebler
Kylie McElveen
L Vance Penny
LaDonna Meuchel
Laelaye Shimeles
Lai Lin Chau
LaKeisha Dorsey
Landon Westerlund
Lane Flood
Lane Johnson
Lanlan Liu
Larry Chavez
Larry Ochfeld
Larry Schick
Laszlo Schneider
Latoya Reynolds
Laura Anson
Laura Arnold
Laura Aronson
Laura Benison
Laura Carstensen
Laura Fleno
Laura Jane Holdsworth
Laura Kaler
Laura Macomber
Laura Matyja
Laurel Hammer
Lauren Ferguson
Lauren Gerstner
Lauren Haralson
Lauren Lewis
Laurie Coffenberry
Laurie Smith
Lavanya Raj
Lavonne Hall
Lawrence Shulkin
Lawrence Williams
Lea Kemme
Leah Katz
LeAnn Ewing
Leanne Champagne
Lee Ann & Kenneth Korus Giving Fund
Lee Seiden
LeeAnn Puksta
Leena Zacharias
Leigh Beakley
Leigh Nichols
Lennox Davidson
Leo & Deborah McFadden
Leo Rotman
Lesley Evans
Leslie Graves
Leslie Oygar
Leslie Siegel
Lettie Haas
Leyla Davoody
Liberty Valley
Lila Gordem
Lillian Lincoln Financial
Lily Ku
Linda Brown
Linda E. Frankel
Linda Gentry
Linda Halik
Linda Kistler
Linda Levine
Linda Majaya
Linda Peterson
Linda R. Scott
Linda Ruhf
Linda Sawyer
Linda Schulte
Linda Traore
Linda Traumiller
Lindsay Gray
Lindsey Welsh
Lindsey White
Lionel Griffin
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Lisa Aukerman
Lisa Bailey
Lisa Buckley
Lisa Crawford
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Lisa Hinkson
Lisa Linsky
Lisa McSherry
Lisa Munro
Lisa Otto
Lisa Padiyedathu
Lisa Porter
Lisa Price
Lisa Robertson
Lisa Samuel
Lisa Shelhorse
Lisa Slayman
Lisa Szarkowski
Lisa Victor
Liza DaSilva
Lois E. Athey
Lora O. Hatheway
Lori Andochick
Lori Brocker
Lori Brown
Lori Seslow
Lorraine Miele
Lorraine Mintemarani
Lorrna Corno
Louann Sakala
Louis Malfi
Louis Medina
Louis Medina
Louise Carswell
Luara Zanic
Luca Lazzarino De Lorenzo
Luevon Goss
Luz N. Ford
Lydia Hudson
Lynda Saxon
Lynn F. Bertram
Lynn Hanson
Lynn Joyce
Lynn Palillo
Lynn Perez
Lynn Usack
Lynne Cohn
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MacKay Shields LLC
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Madeline Wachs
Maeve Mickle
Magaly Texidor
Maggie De Cesare
Mainstay Funds Board
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Malar Thiagarajan
Mandy Nelson
Mansi Oza
Marc Rubinstein
Marcella Walsh
Marci Kinnin
Marcia Gilbert
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Margaret Berry
Margaret Glascock
Margaret Grella
Margaret Jessup
Margaret Moore
Margaret Page
Margaret Rupp
Margaret Slattery
Margaret Woolley
Marguerite Geiger
Maria Agliata
Maria Alvarez
Maria Cappello
Maria Figueiredo
Maria Hoffman
Maria Patton
Maria Rahni
Maria Schanafelt
Maria T. Galeno
Maria Vaccaro
Maria Xavier
Marie Cupit
Marie Growden
Marilyn Wichroski
Marilynn Zayan
Marina Eberz
Marina Parsons
Mario Vangeli
Maripat Cottone
Marisa Santos
Marissa Merrick
Marjorie McKenna
Marjorie Rowlett
Mark Armstrong
Mark Bodamer
Mark Ethe
Mark Foss
Mark Gaynor
Mark Gurry
Mark Hegeman
Mark Hurwich
Mark Kaplowitz
Mark Leichthammer
Mark LeMonnier
Mark McDermott
Mark McPhail
Mark Mullen
Mark Nagao
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Mark Sims
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Mark Wachlin
Mark Winslow
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Marvin Gelb
Marvin Lum
Mary Ackerman and Jim Reents
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Mary F. and Robert J. Kessler
Mary Green
Mary Kay Coyne
Mary Kelly
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Matilde Facet
Matrix Medical Foundation Inc.
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McKay Family Foundation
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Melissa and Stuart Coale Family Fund
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Michelle Chang
Michelle Griffin
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Michelle Nolet
Michelle Rivera
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Mikel McCavana
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Mosa Management LLC
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Nancy Day
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Natalia Tomona
Natalie Sivak
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Nicole Chaplin
Nicole Dam
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Nina McCullough
Ninon M. Mason
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Olgalin Forrester
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Omar Mahmassani
Ophir Alalouf
Orthopaedic and Neurological Rehabilitation, Inc
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Otto Kuehne
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Pamela Laverty
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Patel Family Foundation
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Ramez Saba
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Rathod Giving Fund
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Robert Durden
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Roger Christensen
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Ronald Menzin
Ronald Michaelson
Ronald Skotarczak
Ronda Ray
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Rose Gurley
Rosemary Gray
Rosemary Mangano
Roshan Jardosh
Roxanne Ward
Royal Smith
Rozita Safavi-Zadeh
RRE Advisors LLC
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Ruth Nicklaus
Ruth Retassie
Ruthe Nepf
Ryan Bayless
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Ryan Nishiuch
Ryan Williams
S Baqai
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Salvatore Anselmi
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Samantha Castillo-Davis
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Sandra Altman
Sandra Clifford
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Sandra Orientale
Sandra Pavk
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Soros Fund Management
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Stacey Ricketts
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Stephanie Brown
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Stephen Cianci
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Stephen Hicks
Stephen Labbe
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Steve Byun
Steven A. Meyers
Steven Barry
Steven Chang
Steven Crooke
Steven Diamond
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Steven Katzman
Steven Kenney
Steven Mitchell
Steven Slutzky
Steven Walkington
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Steven Zakes
Stone Ridge
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Stuart Logan
Stuart Scott
Stuart Smith
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Sue Ellen Bromberg
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Susan Baker
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Susan Capot
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Susan DeWitt
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Susan Neely
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Susan Ocampo
Susan Opas
Susan Overstrom
Susan Roth
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Suzette Renwick
Sy Sternberg
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Tara Kragel
Tara L Quinnette
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Ted and Keryn Mathas
Teresa Barie
Teresa Joshua-Brown
Teresa Mencsik
Terrence L. Wolf
Terri Case
Terry Kim
The Andrews Lotz Family Charitable Fund
The Footer Family Foundation
The Henseler Family Fund
The Howard Hughes Corporation
The Joseph & Katherine Rumsey Charitable Fund
The Perper Family Foundation
The Whelan Foundation
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Theresa Cicci
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Toras Chaim V’Ahavas Chesed Family Foundation
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