Promote diversity in the healthcare workforce by supporting education and training

Addressing disparities in healthcare requires systemic change with a longer-term approach rooted in extensive planning and foundational work. Our partners’ efforts focus on building that foundation. Currently, innovative approaches to help facilitate this level of change are being created and tested, and a broad continuum of work will ultimately be implemented. Full results will not be realized for several years.

Through these partnerships, the Brave of Heart Fund supports efforts across the country to diversify the future population of healthcare workers and remove barriers to entry and advancement for those currently underrepresented in patient-facing roles, particularly nursing and primary care.

$6.5 million

was awarded to two partner organizations whose work focuses on creating and maintaining a more diverse healthcare workforce pipeline. 

Our grantees’ work in this area envisions a future with a more diverse healthcare workforce and better healthcare outcomes.

Achieving the Dream used Brave of Heart grant funding to establish the Accelerating and Diversifying Nursing Pathways at Community Colleges Initiative and is leading 10 community colleges in using innovation to drive change in the nursing pipeline by:

  • Increasing diversity in nursing program enrollment
  • Increasing retention of nursing students
  • Creating pathways to living wage nursing positions

With Brave of Heart grant funding, National Medical Fellowships (NMF) established the Health Equity Leaders Program and is creating the framework for an emerging Health Equity Institute, as cornerstones of their work to pursue a bold vision announced in 2022 to achieve lasting health equity. These initiatives are designed to grow and strengthen the ranks of healthcare professionals, individuals and organizations committed to health equity and to establish NMF as a nationally recognized thought leader in the discourse of achieving it.