The Brave of Heart Fund continues to support the bereaved families of healthcare workers lost to COVID-19 as they adjust to their new realities.

Aligning with the spirit and intent of the fund’s core purposes, the Brave of Heart Fund provided strategic grant funding to non-profit organizations, equipping them to do what was needed, when it was needed the most.


Provide scholarships to the families of frontline healthcare workers who lost their lives in the fight against COVID-19

$4.3 million

in scholarships has been awarded to eligible students

Non-profit Grants and Programs

Support the emotional well-being of healthcare workers

Build resiliency for families who lost a primary caregiver to COVID-19 through grief and bereavement support

Promote diversity in the healthcare workforce by supporting education and training

$12.6 million

has been awarded to the healthcare community as it replenishes its ranks and rebuilds for the future and to support families impacted by COVID-related losses.